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Landscapes in Oil on Canvas by I.L. Weiss and A.C.Christlieb, California Impressionists of the Santa Monica Mountain conservancy and authors of " A Past Life Journey into the Landscape," Limited Edition digital prints and Note Cards from over one hundred paintings in the Weiss-Christlieb Fine Art Catalog including our gallery of nudes and the digital reproductions of the A.C. Christlieb Carousel Horse Portraits by Anthony and Claireline Christlieb.


weiss-christlieb.com now includes Instant Photo service in ten-minutes or less as an addition to its established Hollywood Photo Journal. (CLICK ON INSTANT PHOTO ABOVE). The journal is devoted to special event photography NOTE: OUR NEW PHONE NUMBER IS 805-638-6185.
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Weiss-Christlieb Hollywood Photo Journal features photo composite pages of red carpet premieres and specialty event coverage by assignment. This includes still photography and slide show interviews; news coverage, charity and award presentations, music and dance performances (see World Hip Hop Championship composite and Tyga Interview on YouTube).

The photography section will include a wide array of Southern California subject matter and lifestyles. Digital Photos Page 1

Basic Media Rate: Selection of photos from thumbnails and composites come under the Basic Media Rate of $25.00 per image. Requests for multiple images will be priced at the Package Media Rate (to be determined by the number of images ordered).

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